Mistress Calypso

Trans* English Dominance in Berlin

Touring soon! TBA!

Information about bookings


For my safety, I do not have real life sessions with anonymous guests. Before we meet, I will ask for proof of your real name — for example, from a scan of photo ID, or a link to a website or webpage with your real name, some verifiable information about you, and a photo of you.

The confidentiality of your personal information is vital to my business. I handle all screening information with extreme care and completely, irreversibly delete it after a session.

Where you can meet me

I live and work in Berlin. I can also meet you elsewhere in Germany, or in the UK, if you cover my travel and accommodation costs.

Meeting in a hotel

I meet clients exclusively in four- and five-star hotels with good review ratings.

I will meet you in the lobby of your hotel. If you would prefer not to meet in public in the hotel itself, we will meet in a nearby bar or restaurant for a non-alcoholic drink first. Please discreetly give me the tribute for our session in an unsealed envelope before we go to your room together.

I arrive to all sessions discreetly dressed. Nobody will know that the person you are meeting is a dominatrix. Likewise after the session, I will leave your room without anyone knowing who I am.

Meeting at your home

Sessions in your own home are also possible. I will ask for extra screening information, and insist on meeting in a public location such as a bar or restaurant first.

As with hotel meetings, I will arrive and leave discreetly dressed, giving no sign to your neighbours that the lady you are receiving as a house guest is a dominatrix.

Meeting in a studio or other location

If you can’t receive me in your home or hotel room, or you want a specific kind of play that needs equipment I can’t bring with me to a date, you can meet me in a specialized BDSM studio.

At the moment, I don’t have a fixed BDSM studio where I regularly receive guests. For you, this is good news and bad news. The good news is that you can meet me in any of the BDSM locations in Berlin that accept private bookings. For example, I recommend Studio Lux, or you can find others on Google. Sometimes I can make the arrangement for you myself, but if not, please check that both I and the location you want to book are available at the same time before confirming! The bad news for you is that you will usually have to cover the cost of renting studio space yourself, in addition to my tribute.