New to BDSM?

If you’ve never experienced erotic domination and submission before, but are interested in trying it, you’re in good hands with me. Perhaps you’re nervous and unsure if this is right for you; or maybe you finally want to experience your lifelong fantasies for real.

A journey into the world of SM is an experience in the spaces your body’s own drugs can take your mind into. I especially enjoy the privilege of helping someone discover new sides of themselves and new aspects of their sexuality. BDSM is a diverse concept: being dominated doesn’t always mean being ordered around. Domination can also be letting yourself be guided into previously unexplored sensations and states of mind.

If you need some inspiration or help deciding if a session with me is right for you, you can take a look at my list of kinks which it’s possible to explore with me. If some of them sound scary or put you off, don’t worry — sessions with me are always personalized to the desires of my guests, and I won’t do anything in a session with you which you don’t want: during our prep talk we will discuss your fantasies and wishes, but also your fears and limits. Most importantly, I always aim for my guests to have a smile on their face at the end of the session.

Ask me about your desires