Booking Terms

Where you can meet me

I live and work in Berlin. I can also meet you elsewhere in Germany, or in the UK, if you cover my travel and accommodation costs.

Meeting in Studio Lux

I am available to meet you in Studio Lux, which has beautiful rooms and a large selection of toys and other equipment for our session.

Please bring the session tribute in cash with you. There is a bank just opposite the location on Tempelhofer Damm, and 5 minutes’ walk away from the location on Ringbahnstraße, but any time you spend going to get cash will be subtracted from our play time.

Apart from that, meeting in the studio is the easiest and most practical option, and there are no other particular requirements. You can shower before and after the session in the studio.

Meeting in a hotel

I meet clients exclusively in four- and five-star hotels with good review ratings. I do not meet clients in ‘love hotels’ which rent by the hour. For my safety, before we meet, I will ask for proof of your real name — for example, from a scan of photo ID, or a link to a website or webpage with your real name, some verifiable information about you, and a photo of you. The confidentiality of your personal information is vital to my business. I handle all screening information with extreme care and completely, irreversibly delete it after a session.

I will meet you in the lobby of your hotel. If you would prefer not to meet in public in the hotel itself, we will meet in a nearby bar or restaurant for a non-alcoholic drink first. Please discreetly give me the tribute for our session in cash in an unsealed envelope before we go to your room together.

I arrive to all sessions discreetly dressed. Nobody will know that the person you are meeting is a dominatrix. Likewise after the session, I will leave your room without anyone knowing who I am.

Almost all hotels in Germany allow guests to invite people of my profession to their rooms. In the unlikely event that the hotel management both recognizes me and decides I am not welcome, I may retain any money you have given me, up to and including the full tribute. I will not wait around for you to find an alternative location. You are responsible for ensuring beforehand that your hotel does not have a policy against sex workers. (A Google search, or an anonymous and discreetly-worded call to the front desk, is usually enough to find out.)

Meeting outdoors

If the weather isn’t too cold and you can handle the risk of being seen, this is also possible. I may ask for similar screening information as with a hotel visit. Please book in advance, but be prepared to accept the risk of the weather not being suitable. I make the final decision about location and the suitability of the weather conditions.

Meeting at your home

Sessions in your own home are no longer possible. If you live in Berlin or nearby, come and visit me in Studio Lux.


I will take a deposit of at least €50 to confirm your session booking before we meet. If the session is longer than one hour, the deposit may be higher. You can make this deposit in the form of a gift card code for You must purchase this in person at a drug store, petrol station, or similar — I do not accept digital gift card codes. You can also pay by SEPA bank transfer. If you pay by bank transfer, you can also pay the whole session tribute in advance, if you wish.

If you cancel the session with less than 24 hours’ notice, or don’t show up, I will retain the deposit and there will be no refund. If you cancel because you failed to read something which is clearly stated in my advertising, you will also not receive a refund. If I have to cancel on short notice, you will get your deposit back or have the opportunity to rebook. Otherwise, the deposit amount counts towards the total tribute amount for the session.

Deposits paid in the form of a gift card code can only be refunded as another gift card code.