Women, Inter, and Trans*

Can women visit a dominatrix?

Can nonbinary and intersex people?

Of course! You can’t let the boys have all the fun!

Feminist sexual empowerment is an important part of my work, not (only) in the sense of my own empowerment, but that of my clients as well.

Your desires are at the centre of a session with me: I want to help you let go of the outside world and enjoy the worlds within yourself. Your desires are my key to you. No fantasies to be ashamed of, and no need to hide yourself: I want to help you celebrate yourself and your sexuality in all its forms.

Newcomers to the world of erotic submission are also very welcome, including if you’re curious but unsure if this is right for you: I especially enjoy helping people discover new sides of themselves. See my page with information for newcomers to find out more!

Book your session with me

A session with me can take many different forms. There are whole worlds of experiences to explore.

It could look like this — power and domination expressed hard and clear.

… or it could look like this: relaxing and sensual, exploring intense sensations.

The experience of intimacy and power in bondage, domination, and submission between women and queer people is very different from intimacy with a man. If you would like to experience the other side, or you think you would feel more comfortable in the hands of a professional master rather than a mistress, you could book a session with my friend and colleague Ron Hades.