An A to Z guide to my world

Anal play

Maybe you think you’ve already experienced a good range of erotic sensations — but ‘behind you’, there’s a whole other world. There are so many possibilities which you can explore with help from various kinds of toys, but my favourite play is with my finger, so I can feel and control the intensity exactly according to your reaction and my desires.


I have a collection of big, shiny leather shoes, with something for every taste, whether you want to feel the pressure of a sharp stiletto heel, or lie under the heavy tread of military boots.

Breath control

Giving ‘take your breath away’ a completely different meaning …


Since I come from England, you would expect that I’m a natural in so-called ‘English discipline’. Indeed, the cane is one of my favourite tools. Although it definitely earns its reputation as one of the hardest toys, in skilled hands like mine it is a truly versatile instrument and can offer many different kinds of sensations.


Careful — this type of play is not for everyone … but those who like it, like it a lot! The male organs aren’t just there to be gently stroked — rougher treatment can also be fun!


Perhaps I want you to get more and more aroused until you become desperate and start to beg me. How do I stop you being naughty and playing with yourself without permission? Simple: a little lock clicks closed and your most intimate sensations belong to me.

Foot fetishism

If you want to adore me, perhaps you should start at the bottom. If I let you touch me, it would probably be a good idea to start at my feet, with your fingers, or even with your mouth. If not, you might have to learn a painful lesson on your feet …


Silence is golden. Maybe you’re complaining just a little bit too much for my liking, or maybe I need to take steps so that your cries don’t disturb the neighbours. Some of them close or block the mouth; others hold it open, so I can play with it however I like.


I love getting dressed up sexy for sessions, as well as dressing you up! Latex is one of my favourite materials. The smell, the feel, and of course the appearance are out of this world.


The dominatrix in leather is of course a stereotype — but even in reality, leather is a wonderful material with an amazing smell and appearance and always looks sharp and commanding when I wear it for our session.

Nipple play

The erogenous zones of the body extend far beyond the nether regions — for everyone. The nipples are among the most sensitive parts of the body and are perfect places to experiment with pain and pleasure.

Sensory deprivation

A sensual experience in which I take your senses away — is that possible? Yes: when I deprive you of your sense of sight or hearing, your other senses become so much more sensitive — especially your sense of touch. You don’t know what I’m going to do with you next, or when. Your sense of expectation rises — and a certain, exciting fear with it.


Sometimes the simplest ways are the best. My hand, your backside — and you lying over my lap. Slowly you will learn to listen to me — and I always look forward to the lovely red result at the end.

Tease and denial

You want it so bad … but when you’re so near to it, I take it away from you. So frustrating — but so arousing. Perhaps if you beg nicely enough, I’ll let you have it, if you really want it so much.

And much more …

Ask me about your fantasy!


Under no circumstances do I offer: intercourse (anal or oral); scat; Roman showers; needles or cutting.